Anita Uphaus Early Childhood Center

Uphaus 2021

I hope you are well with your family and are enjoying these last days of 2020.  I hope you know how much the Uphaus staff has appreciated your support and patience during this Fall season. As we welcome the Spring, please know that Dr. Stephanie Elizalde, our superintendent, gave an update to all families today about our return to learning for the week of Jan. 4, 2021 today. 

This update can be found on the main AISD website:

Please note that Uphaus will be open for student learning on Wednesday, Jan. 6th.  Doors will continue to open at 7:30am for all approved students on Jan. 6th.

If you choose to go from on-campus learning to remote learning please notify your classroom teacher so she/he can make the needed plans moving forward.  

We are now in stage 5 of protocols and must plan ahead in order to keep the numbers of students and teachers in our current spaces safe. 

If your child has not been attending on-campus learning and wants to begin, you needed to make this request to your classroom teacher and wait for approval.  Approvals were granted in December for Jan. requests.  Approvals take up to 5 days to be granted based on numbers and to ensure that all safety protocols are followed.

Contact our registrar if you have questions or comments about enrollment.  512-414-5520 or