Anita Uphaus Early Childhood Center


Principal's Message

February 2020

It's amazing how quickly time passes!  We are all ready in the midst of 2020 with our little pandas.  Sometimes new years can create some stress in our lives, and we want to share our S.T.A.R. method for regulation, which we use for children and adults at Uphaus!!!!  As a conscious discipline campus, we pride ourselves in supporting each other in times of added stress.  

S - Smile

T - Take a Breathe

A - and

R- Relax

As an educator and mom, S.T.A.R. has helped me countless times when confronting times of anxiety myself, or when trying to remind my children to be a S.T.A.R. during tough moments.  I hope this helps you too!  Stop by our Coffee Chats on Fridays to let me know if you tried S.T.A.R.

Claudia Santamaria


Febrero de 2020

Es increíble lo rápido que pasa el tiempo. Todos estamos listos ya en el 2020 con nuestros pequeños pandas. ¡A veces los años nuevos pueden crear algo de estrés en nuestras vidas, y queremos compartir nuestro método S.T.A.R. para la regulación, que usamos para niños y adultos en Uphaus! Como campus del programa de disciplina consciente, nos enorgullecemos de apoyarnos mutuamente en momentos de estrés adicional.  

S - Sonríe

T - Toma un Respiro

A - y

R - Relájate

Como educadora y madre, S.T.A.R. me ha ayudado innumerables veces cuando enfrento momentos de ansiedad, o cuando intento recordarles a mis hijos que sean S.T.A.R. en momentos difíciles. ¡Espero que esto también le ayude! Pase por nuestras charlas de café los viernes para informarme si probó S.T.A.R. y como le fue.


Claudia Santamaria


December 2019

What a fabulous Fall semester at Uphaus ECC! We have welcomed 314 children and their families.  Some higlights include,

    • we have increased the number of families utlilizing See Saw as a communication tool between parents and teachers. 
    • teachers have been busy this semester learning new ways to implement Social Emotional Learning, Dual Language and Inclusion. 
    • the playground has seen many improvments including shade canopies over the playscape and swings, an effort to expand the sand box and add more outdoor learning spaces for the children
    • we received a grant to help us improve recycling, composting and outdoor learning opporutnities for everyone.  


August 2019

Thank you for entrusting your children to Austin ISD. The staff at Anita Uphaus Early Childhood Center is truly committed to providing a developmentally appropriate and rigorous learning experience for all children.  2019-2020 will be the year that we focus on dual language education for as many of our students as are willing to participate, increase the amount of inclusion time in the general educaiton classroom for children participating in PPCD (preschool program for children with disabilities) and work to expand services for children ages 0-3.  We are also thrilled to have a strong P.T.A. for the upcoming year.  It is important to us that family members feel welcome and part of the education journey of their children every step of the way.  It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I welcome all of you to the new school year.